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My thought after reading Hackers And Painters by Paul Graham

June 02, 2016

Just finished reading “Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age” by Paul Graham.  He is a very interesting man. Graham not only proven himself as an Entrepreneur but also as a hacker, and I believe he truly deserves to call himself this way.

The book cover

The book is a real fun to read. The first chapter about the pain of being a teenage nerd is honest and brave, and the book has several great parts like that. Some ideas are fascinating and dangerous The Daddy Model of Wealth).

The author is a great proponent of LISP, and in last chapters he is discoursing the superiority of LISP over other programming languages. For a Node.js /JS developer it is an interesting part because seemingly some LISP features are also present in JavaScript

In the end the author failed to convince why LISP is the most powerful of programming languages. I thing the book is missing a chapter about LISP’s usage in a big evolving  project. Nonetheless I recommend it, it’s entertaining and inspiring.


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